Starting a Business in Center

Starting your business is a critical part of the American Dream and one of the surest ways to create wealth, both for yourself and others.  But, it takes a lot of hard work.  And, maybe more importantly, critical and creative thinking.

Texas is consistently listed as one of the best states to own and operate a business.  Center is a community which embraces the entrepreneurial spirit.  In fact, there are a number of local entrepreneurs that developed new businesses and products while being supported by our local community.

This section of the Center EDC website is designed to be a resource for entrepreneurs seeking to develop a new product or service, or for those seeking to start a new business in town.

The information on this webpage is not meant to replace the kind of assistance you can get with a one-on-one visit.  Please contact our Economic Development office to see how we can help you.

I Want to be an Entrepreneur.  Where Do I Start?

Guide to Writing a Business Plan

Please also visit the EMERGE program website for more information on how Center supports entrepreneurs.