Poultry and Food Processing

Center is home to a very large Tyson poultry processing plant which employes nearly 1,600 people.  Tyson recently completed a $30 million expansion whereby they added two additional lines to increase production.

Supplementing the plant are two local hatcheries, one operated by Tyson and the other by Pilgrim's Pride.  A Pilgrim's Pride poultry feed mill is operated in Shelby County.

Rounding out the integrated poultry industry are over 200 local contract growers.

Map of food and poultry locations around Center, Texas  Click here to download a PDF of this map

The City feels that the next step is to recruit a food processor to take advantage of the poultry production chain to realize an operational effeciency.  Other advantages enjoyed by Center is the abundance of water, a low cost business environment, and a local workforce specializing in this type of work as evidenced by the location quotients. 

Further, the City has excess water capacity to support a food processing concern.

Location Quotient Data
Source:  Bureau of Labor Statistics - Shelby County
Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing
2012 - 8.8
2013 - 9.69
2014 - 10.29
2015 - 10.45