The City of Center owns and operates the Center Municipal Airport.  The airport has a 5,501 x 75 foot runway, a fueling station, and a number of aircraft hangars.

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The City wishes to maximize its ownership of the Center Municipal Airport and utilize those portions of undeveloped land to house aviation-related businesses.

We welcome the opportunity to talk to:
Aircraft instrument manufacturers or repair facilities and instrument installers
Aircraft refurbishers
Aircraft mechanics
Aircraft sales
Light aircraft manufacturers

There are attractive incentives that the City and the Economic Development Corporation could offer.

Map of airport development plan in Center, Texas  Click here for a full view of the Airport Development Plan

Airport Capital Improvements Plan     Click here to download a copy of the Airport Capital Improvements Plan



Center's Aviation Heritage

Center, Texas, was the location of the first aircraft manufacturer in the State of Texas.  States Aircraft Corporation was the first incorporated aircraft manufacturer by the State of Texas on September 8, 1933.  They constructed a small aircraft which was considered a good plane for its price.  States received a contract from the Chinese government to construct "pursuit" planes and also placed a bid to construct bomber aircraft for the French government during World War II.  Eventually, the company closed sometime following WWII.