Center Is The Only Place In Texas . . .

Center is the only place in Texas where five distinct features that when combined, make Center a unique place.  For this and more information, download our brochure.

1.  Center and Shelby County are in areas of Texas that have not experienced electricity de-regulation.  That area offers some of the lowest and most stable electricity rates in the State of Texas through AEP-SWEPCO.

Map showing electricity rates in Texas

2.  Center and Shelby County are in an air quality attainment area.  The areas below in brown represent Texas counties that are either air quality non-attainment or near non-attainment status.  Businesses locating in these areas will need to implement stricter air quality regulations which translates into higher business operating costs.

Texas air quality attainment map

Texas air quality attainment map

3.  Center and Shelby County are in insurance rating Zone "C", the Texas counties in white on the map.  Our community is located far enough north from the Texas Gulf Coast where we are not severely impacted by hurricanes and tropical storms.  We are also located far enough south that we do not experience severe ice and hail storms and there are fewer instances of tornadoes.  This translates into lower insurance costs.

 Texas insurance ratings map                Texas insurance ratings map

4.  Center and Shelby County are situated in the Heart of the Haynesville Shale.  A business has the ability to directly purchase locally produced natural gas at less cost than buying it from the open market.

Map of Haynesville Shale

5.  Center possesses an abundant water supply and has not been deeply affected by drought.  Our water utility also charges competitive rates compared to larger communities.

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