Center Hosts 3 Weeks of State Youth Baseball Tournaments

City of Center Press Release

Thousands of Visitors Expected

CENTER, Texas (June 21, 2016) – The City of Center will be hosting three state youth baseball tournaments beginning June 24 and ending July 21. 

According to the City’s Recreation Director, Jason Mitchell, the first tournament will be the Tier II Dixie Boys State Tournament.  The tournament will start June 25th and conclude on June 30th. There will be approximately 10-12 teams from as far north as Sulphur Springs and as far south as Cleveland.  Also at this time, the City is hosting 2 district tournaments. This will bring another 9 teams to the city. These tournaments will include about 315 players and coaches and bringing around 750 visitors to the city.

The next tournaments will be the Dixie Youth T-ball Div I and II, Coach Pitch Div I and II, and Machine Pitch Div I and II Regional Tournaments.  These tournaments will start July 2 and end on July 5th.  There will be an opening ceremony to kick off the tournament on July 1. There will be 38 teams from Anahuac in the southern part of Texas all the way north to Corsicana.  This will include 592 players and coaches and should bring around 1500 – 2000 visitors to town.

The last scheduled tournament will be the Dixie Boys and the Dixie Boys Jr. tournaments.  These tournaments will start July 16th and end on July 21st.  There will be 12-15 teams from all over the State.  They will travel from Sulphur Springs in the north to Huntington in the south.  This will include approximately 210 players and coaches and should bring 600 – 750 visitors to the city.

“We are excited to have Jason on board to bring more visitors to the City,” said Center Mayor David Chadwick.  “These tournaments are a great way for people to experience Center and build our brand as a community that supports youth athletics.   This also is a boost to our local economy not just for the hotels but for the restaurants and other retailers.”

Anyone wishing for more information on the tournaments may contact City Hall at 936/598-2941.


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